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Networks Integral Child Care

Do you have a child who needs intensive care and/or pediatric palliative care and do you have questions about the care? Then the Integral Child Care Network (NIK) is there for you. Together we will make sure you get the help your family needs, now and later. Not only for your sick child, but also for yourself, your partner and brothers & sisters. Or are you involved as a professional in the care of a child and the family and do you need someone who thinks along with you?

Networks Integral Child Care

NIK is here for you

The NIK is a partnership of experienced professionals within and outside the healthcare sector. It guides you in finding the right help and support. The professionals involved work in all kinds of healthcare disciplines and organizations. Consider, for example, hospitals and children's home care organizations, but also social workers and grief and loss counselors.

You can contact the NIK with all your questions; simple or complicated. As:

  • "Is there anyone who can help our child and family with questions?"
  • 'Who can I go with questions about how we can pay for my child's care?'
  • 'How do we get all the healthcare professionals involved to talk to each other?'
  • 'Can my child go to school if he/she needs extra care?'

There may not be an immediate solution, because every request for help, including yours, is different. If we don't have the answer directly ourselves, we can refer you to the right person or organization who can help you further?

At the NIK you will find, among other things:

  • A listening ear and someone who thinks along with you and gives advice.
  • Someone who can help you with a request for help.
  • Assistance in organizing care
  • Help to bring all involved care providers into contact with each other.

As a parent or healthcare professional, do you want help from the Integral Child Care Network? We're here for you. You can always contact the NIK coordinator in your region. By email, telephone or WhatsApp.

Medical Childcare Collaboration

The step from the hospital to home is often a big one. Medical Child Care Cooperation (MKS) makes integrated child care possible. It is a way of working to properly arrange the transfer and care outside the hospital. This is done through four phases. The NIK propagates the importance of Medical Child Care Collaboration. For more information:

Click on the region of your choice

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